DataQuest Partners, Inc.

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About us

DataQuest Partners is a Software Engineering firm with a proven track record in business analysis, business re-engineering, turnkey software development and data warehousing. 

At DataQuest, we work very hard to build solid, long-term relationships with our customers. Our focus is on supporting our customers in their business success by adding real value to their operations. 

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Business Intelligence Practice

We have years of expertise in developing data warehouse applications.  DataQuest has helped many of its clients in Acquiring, Replicating, Transforming and Managing the data to provide data for executives for decision support. DataQuest will provide a complete solution to data warehousing, starting with 

  • Gathering requirements 
  • Designing the data warehouse 
  • Defining, Choosing the right methodology 
  • Data Acquisition: Integrating the enterprise data and exploiting the information to provide quality decision support data. 
  • Data Replication: Monitoring, capturing and transmitting data from distributed transaction databases. 
  • Data Transformation: Decoding, Scrubbing, Cleansing and Summarizing the production data into decision support usable data. 
  • Data Management: Controlling, protecting and facilitating access to data to provide timely access. 
  • Choosing the right hardware, software 
  • Storage and Capacity Planning 
  • Implementation/Coding 
  • Data Marts: Departmental or functionally segregated databases to help particular user groups to run their business in a more profitable manner. 
  • Data Mining: Historical detail transactions to identify trends, establish and reveal hidden relationships for future predictability. 
  • Testing 
  • Quality: We recognize that the quality of the data is very important in the decision making and control the quality by putting audit trails in place. 
  • Reporting Mechanism 
  • Managed Query Environment: We give the right medium and tools for users to get their own data in their own manner. 
  • Ad-hoc Query Environment: We also evaluate the right reporting tools for the users to get to their data with efficiency and ease of use. 
  • OLAP tools: Our consultants are familiar with many tools that are used in EIS applications.  These tools are used for slicing and dicing of data for executives to base their decisions on accurate yet timely data. 
  • Visualization Tools: We are trained to provide graphical display of information to interpret and aid in the understanding underlying data. 
  • Query analyzers and accelerators (Performance Tuning): We make sure that performance is not bogging down your information retrieval. 
  • Meta-data: We understand the importance of meta-data to give the users the definition and information about the data. 
  • Integration: We like to think of ourselves as integrators and solution providers and create your warehouse to work with all the other applications. 
  • Rollout and Support:  We are their to make sure your database and tools are managed right with the right infra-structure and support.